theatre artist and producer (he/him)



Riley Fox Hillyer is a Boston-based theatre artist and producer originally hailing from Saint Augustine, Florida. Recent credits include Dead Man Rises, 1776, Animal Farm, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Tiny Houses, TIMBUKTU USA, Disjointed Hamlet, Cabaret DAS, and co-staging In The Belly of The Mother with the Plenty Collective. He is a regular attendee of the Bread and Puppet Theater where he constructs puppets, devises new work with the resident company, as well as getting to work on a farm! He also holds a BFA in Acting from Emerson College and is a proud founding member of both the Plenty Collective and the band pUbeRty kiDs.

Riley cares deeply about the environment and the impact we have on it and future generations of humans and animals to come. He has applied principles of conservation throughout his life by reducing his carbon footprint through changes in diet and energy use, as well as nagging everybody around him to recycle. He would gladly poop in a bucket and eat trash for the rest of his life to save the world!

Remember how much Riley loves the environment? Well, one day he decided to go to NYC and wanted to do it without supporting the destruction of our Mother Earth that occurs whenever humans are transported over long distances. And he decided he would do it by bike! He has since gone on another long distance bike trek, from Boston to Glover, VT home of the Bread and Puppet Theater. His dream is to combine all three of these interests and either find a troupe of actors to go on a bike tour across the US, making theatre and being vegan, or just do it by himself with a solo performance! He also bikes all over Boston and refuses to drive a car (maybe because he’s scared of driving?)